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Diversity Enterprises

Influencing Attitudes and Behaviors While Protecting The Bottom Line


I was very pleased with the training conducted by Diversity Enterprises. Dr. Marshall Hennington was very helpful throughout the planning stages of the training and was able to create an agenda that met the needs of the agency. The overall feedback from staff was positive and most staff members responded enthusiastically about how they will implement what they have learned.

“I will be more considerate of the parent/family's feelings and be more unbiased.”

“I will be aware of the biases I have and be sure to not let them affect me in the work place.”

“I will be mindful of families and their circumstances.”

“I will remain non-judgmental towards the families served in our program. I will try to implement more understanding of the circumstances of what may be causing stress/issues for the client.”

“I will make sure to be sensitive to ones beliefs and culture.”

Dr. Hennington and his associates were well prepared and conducted the training in such a way that made all staff members comfortable to participate by sharing their thoughts and opinions. This created a very engaging and enjoyable experience for all participants.

When staff members were asked about how to improve the training, the general consensus was that more staff should be able to attend!

Janeen Samuelian / Coordinator – Options Human Services Agency

“Quality staff training can be challenging and at times difficult for personnel to see its far-reaching benefits. Upon conducting an internal assessment, our administrative staff firmly believed that Cultural Diversity and Sensitivity Training was a topic that would prove beneficial, if done right. Diversity Enterprises provided the training our staff needed with a warm and thought-provoking approach. Dr. Marshall Hennington and Ms. Acsah engaged our employees in exercises and discussion that helped demonstrate to our staff how vital it is to respect each other’s differences and to embrace those differences. The 2-day training was the appropriate investment for our culturally diverse staff here in Miami. It is our sincere hope to work with Marshall and his team again in the near future.”

Frank Saavedra -Director of Grants Development
Boys & Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade, Inc.

"Our organization was going through very challenging times internally as a result of a workplace incident that occurred. The trainers at DE were able to diffuse the hostility in the air, improve the morale of our employees while channeling our energies in a more productive direction. We will continue to use their services to ensure that this incident never happens again."

Mr. Wendel Terry
CEO - Terry Construction Corporation

"Diversity Enterprises offered the best cultural sensitivity training our company has ever had. Our executives were pleasantly surprised with the knowledge obtained and contextual information they received. Without a doubt their trainers helped our colleagues understand how our behaviors were negatively impacting our work environment and the bottom line. We should have used them a long time ago."

Murray Clendenin
President – Sentry Corp

"We recently used DE and the results were amazing. We went from having a work environment that lacked motivation, cultural sensitivity and was straddled with under performers; to a workplace environment that is inclusive, motivated, over performing and revenue driven! The follow-up online course training that our staff receives helps us keep our edge."

Leonard Turner
President - Altera Home Health Services

"We had a high level executive that was experiencing difficulties relating to his subordinates who were of a different race then her. With the help of Diversity Enterprises 1 on 1 training we were able to diffuse the situation and avoid potentially millions of dollars in litigation fees; bad publicity, negative brand exposure and having these unfortunate circumstances derail her career. We now have DE provide continuous education and training to our corporation so that we can avoid such incidents from occurring in the future."

CEO – (Confidential) Fortune 500 company


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