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Diversity Enterprises

Influencing Attitudes and Behaviors While Protecting The Bottom Line

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We are currently ONLY hiring Interns on a non-paid basis. If interested please send us your resume. Thank you.

Please read notice BELOW only then send your resume.


Thank you for your interest in a position with our company. BEFORE submitting your resume all potential interns and employees are required to take and pass 2 online courses: workplace conflict management, and workplace cultural sensitivity. You can access the courses by going to our “online training courses section”. This is the first step in demonstrating that you are qualified to work at our organization and with our clients. Once you have passed our courses you must print out a certificate of completion and either fax it, mail it or bring it with you once are invited to interview with our firm. Passing our online courses is not a guarantee that you will be hired at our company, however it will be viewed favorably. We encourage you to apply for a position with our firm. Once again thank you for your interest in working at our company.


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