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The Book is written from the candid perspective of a father that tried to be a good role model to his young daughter but stumbles along the way. You can purchase a copy at: www.smashwords.com, www.amazon.com, www.kindle.com or www.lulu.com.

Our Client Just Scored a Major Victory!

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Bank of America to pay $335M in settlement with DOJ over discriminatory lending practices. By Nedra Pickler, Associated Press Bank of America agreed to pay $335 million to resolve allegations that its Countrywide unit engaged in a widespread pattern of discrimination against qualified African-American and Hispanic borrowers on home loans. The settlement with the U.S. [...]

5 Termination Mistakes Employers Could Easily Avoid

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5 Termination Mistakes Employers Could Easily Avoid0Posted on: 12-19-2011 by: workplaceweekly While employers can take advantage of employment at will, discharging an employee sometimes comes with a price. Giving the current enlighten work environment and the easy with which information is shared, coupled with the enforcement power of regulatory agencies. Employers can easily avoid liability [...]

Workplace Sexual Harassment – Be Careful!

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By Jane Mundy Sacramento, CA: Sexual harassment casts a wide net of damage in the workplace. It can cause psychological and physical damage, and it can create a hostile workplace—all of which are violations of the California Labor Law. Mary dealt with sexual harassment from her boss for the past two years. About four months [...]


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A Case of Mistaken Diversity By Robert Traver Uh-oh. They think I’m gay. Until that moment, my first on-campus interview was going well. Everything was by the book: In the dining room of the campus hotel, I had a light breakfast with the search-committee chair. A brief walk across the small campus and then I [...]

Job Discrimination Complaints Hit All-Time High! www.diversityprogram.net

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Job Discrimination Complaints Hit All-Time High First Posted: 11/16/11 03:47 PM ET Updated: 11/16/11 06:03 PM ET React Important Funny Typical Scary Outrageous Amazing Innovative Finally Follow Economic Crisis , Economy , Unemployment , Unemployment Crisis , Video , Job Discrimination , Discrimination , Eeoc , Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , Nelp , Black Voices [...]

Penn State is a mess!

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This latest incident of alleged child sexual abuse at Penn State University demonstrates a potential cover up. I believe Coach Joe Paterno should have done more to protect the child victims instead of coach Sandusky. What do you think?

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I am a firm believer that if you do not like what you are doing with your life then do exactly what you like even if it means taking a risk. What are you waiting on? The only barriers that exist are the one’s that we percieve to be barriers. However, perceptions are not always [...]

How to Create an Organizational Culture That Values Diversity

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Here’s an article I found interesting- – Marshall Hennington, Ph.D. www.diversity-enterprises.com or www.juryconsulting.com. What do you think?   How to Create an Organizational Culture That Values Diversity by Mitchell Holt Diversity is more than just being willing to hire all types of employees. It is accepting, celebrating and valuing all people regardless of race, gender, [...]